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My raid leader didn’t recognize my voice in vent because I sounded excited.

I’m not sure how to feel about this.

Oh and by the way, I made a twitter thing. I dunno what I’ll use it for, but if you want to follow me there, go ahead. 


I wish there were more romance choices for fem!shep in ME3… Samantha Traynor and Diana Allers aren’t really romances, Thane dies, and Jacob cheats on you! :(

I thought Traynor was a true one? (And I had no idea Diana Allers was even an option.. i kinda ignore her down there).

But yeah in ME3 the options are Garrus, Kaidan, and Liara…

Though in the Citadel DLC, femshep gets 2 more options that maleshep does not; Javik and James (Samara becomes available too, but for both).

Interestingly, Ashley was not available for femshep, but Kaidan became available for maleshep…. I wonder why that is. :I

Rebloggin’ to respond ‘cuz reply bubble is too damn small.

I’m not entirely sure of Traynor is a “real” romance or not since I haven’t actually bothered to romance her, but she’s just a replacement Kelly in my eyes. 

I don’t really know what to think about the “romances” in the Citadel DLC. Admittedly, I haven’t played around with that DLC a whole lot, but I’ve never really considered those options as full-fledged romances. Regardless, I should get to playing around with that DLC sometime…

The only reason I can think of as to why they didn’t make Ashley available for fem!Shep to romance is because it would have been incredibly out of character to do so. That being said, there was already a lesbian option for fem!Shep in the form of Liara, too… Although I’d totally kill to be able to romance Miranda as fem!Shep! 

I don’t really agree with their decision to make Kaidan suddenly bisexual either, though—seemed kind of random to me. I would have preferred him to have rolled both ways from the start, but I can see why that wouldn’t have been as acceptable when the first game was released.

I guess I can’t really complain too much, though, since a gay!male!Shep would have had no options until ME3 :p

I am afraid of getting older. I am afraid of getting married. Spare me from cooking three meals a day—spare me from the relentless cage of routine and rote. I want to be free… I want, I want to think, to be omniscient.

Sylvia Plath written in 1949 at age 17. (via snowology)

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